This is why I do what I do...


"I cannot recommend Juliette highly enough. I went to see her about 9 months after having my third child. I was exhausted because of sleepless nights with the baby, and had been relying on caffeine and sugar to get though the days. I was very tired and irritable in the afternoons and suffered from mood swings related to PMT and painful periods. 

Juliette carried out a really thorough assessment. She was keen to understand all about my health and lifestyle, and the difficulties that I was having. She then suggested clear changes to my diet and lifestyle that were manageable and simple enough to fit into my very busy lifestyle.  

Amazingly, I felt considerably better within a week or two,  and have continued to feel the difference. I don't feel tired and irritable in the afternoons anymore, and I am able to settle to sleep at night. My period pain reduced to a mild ache and most significantly, my PMT has reduced to almost nothing, with many months where I do not experience it at all. I also had a few unexpected benefits. I lost 10lbs over about 2 months, and lots of friends were commenting on how well I looked. I'm so surprised, and grateful, that changing my diet could make such a remarkable difference to my daily energy levels, my hormones and my appearance.  Thanks so much Juliette." CH, 37yrs, 2017



"Before visiting Juliette I had spent years unsuccessfully being passed from one doctor to another who each diagnosed my symptoms differently and prescribed varying medications. I felt confused, still struggled with my symptoms and accepted that it would probably not change.


Juliette patiently listened and offered a plan that finally made a difference to my life. By following her advice I now not only have a better understanding of how my body works, my symptoms have improved and I now know what I have to do to continue to feel better. I am so grateful to finally feel I have some control over this part of my life again. Thank you Juliette." RP, 44yrs, 2017