initial consultation



Your initial consultation will last for 60-90 minutes.

This is a fact finding mission where I learn not just about your symptoms but about your body as a whole. I take a full medical history, taking into account current and prior medical conditions. I will also discuss dietary habits, lifestyle, family history and other considerations such as budget and time constraints.

I will send you a detailed questionnaire prior to the meeting which takes into account many of the things we will discuss at your consultation. You will also be asked to complete a three day food diary. It is important I receive the questionnaire and food diary 48 hours prior to you consultation so we can be prepared for your first appointment and I have an overview of your current health, diet and lifestyle. Note: if I do not receive these 48 hours prior to your consultation and it has to be rescheduled a cancellation fee will apply.

During the Initial Consultation we will:

  • Go over your medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits 
  • Discuss your health goals and what can be achieved through changes to your diet and lifestyle
  • Discuss which foods may be contributing to symptoms and ones that may help alleviate them
  • Discuss any relevant diagnostic tests
  • Discuss a supplement plan if appropriate. The main tool I use to support health is food, however sometimes supplements may be necessary to correct a deficiency or to provide support to the body.
  • Put in place a personalised plan
  • When appropriate refer to other healthcare professionals/GP

A copy of your personal plan will be emailed to you within 2 days of your consultation.

Price: £95 for a 60-90 minute appointment