About me

I'm a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist, and I work with women to help transform their health through personalised diet and lifestyle changes.

I have a passion for nutrition that I would love to share with you! This passion hasn't always been there. It's something that developed over time, that gained momentum and became something I wanted to share with the world. My 20s were spent feeling quite invincible; partying, eating and drinking too much of the wrong things. Any niggling health concerns were shrugged off as I generally felt OK. Fast forward to my mid 30s and I didn't feel quite so invincible and began to take my health a bit more seriously. I started learning about the connection between what I was eating and how I was feeling and slowly I started to change ingrained habits. My eyes were opened to a whole new way of eating. I had more energy and could feel the difference a healthier lifestyle was making.

When I had my 2 children I wanted to give them the best start nutritionally. This was what really started to drive my interest in nutrition. The more I read and researched, the more I realised there was to learn. It became clear to me that good nutrition was fundamental to our wellbeing.  I had spent years working in the busy corporate world but I felt I had found my calling and was inspired to pursue a career in nutritional therapy.

Having been there I understand where my clients are coming from. I know it's hard to change lifelong habits and stop eating foods you think you love but deep down know you probably shouldn't. But I also know the rewards you can get from making simple changes, the very real difference it makes to your overall health and wellbeing. I also know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling all the demands of a busy lifestyle. I will support and motivate you to achieve your goals.


I am a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist. I completed an intensive 3 year course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine where I gained 200 hours of clinical experience.

I am a member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). Both organisations require the highest standards in training and professional development from their members.

The learning never stops! I regularly attend seminars, lectures, events and webinars given by leading experts, ensuring I'm up to date with the latest research, and can give the very best advice to my clients.

I have a particular interest in stress management, fatigue, sleep, healthy ageing, women's health, skin health, weight management, coeliac disease.

I am not a medical professional and do not claim to treat an illness or cure you of a disease. I can identify imbalances and work to support a return to optimal health.